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Is it too Late for a College Scholarship?

It is Not too Late to Find a Scholarship!

It is Not too Late to Find a Scholarship!

If you are a graduating senior: “Well done!”  You worked hard. You earned your diploma. You are probably headed toward college, right?

If so, perhaps you have concerns about paying those pesky tuition bills next fall. If you don’t have a backpack full of scholarship offers already, is there hope of finding funds to reduce the debt many students incur while at university?

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Graduate Success

Graduate Success

Asking Hard Questions About Graduate Success

As you approach your high school graduation, you are no doubt finalizing your plans for pursuing  a  degree. Before you finalize your educational plan, remember that while the degree is often the proverbial carrot that motivates students, the real purpose of education is to qualify yourself for employment in the field of your choice. If you invest a bit of research into your educational goals, you can set yourself above the throngs who enter the work force with you upon graduation. Continue reading…

Complete the FAFSA


Now is the Time to Complete the FAFSA As a high school senior or graduate looking to return to academics, March is an important month for securing your place in the college or university of your choice. Undoubtedly you already know that a higher education is expensive. You will like need all of the financial [...]

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